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Application for a consultation

We offer 3 types of consultations

  • Standard Consultation: 45 minutes, consisting of an analysis of the whole life, a prediction of the next 5 years and a Maharishi Yagya Recommendation.    

  • 30-Minute Consultation: Detailed prediction for one year or answering 6-8 questions.

  • 15-Minute Consultation: Answering approx. 3 - 4 questions.

Please fill the application below and you will be contacted soon

If you do not know your birth time, we recommend that you subscribe first for a
 Birth time rectification

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If the birthplace has less than 5000 inhabitants, then please give the name of the nearest bigger city and the distance and direction from this bigger city to the birth place (for example, birthplace is 15 km east of Beirut):
Nearest bigger city:

Birth place is km  of above mentioned bigger city

For a Maharishi Yagya Recommendation the birth time has to be accurate: If your birth time is not exact, please make any comments regarding the accuracy of your birth time:

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