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Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., has discovered the precise one to one relationship between the fundamental structures and functions of human physiology and the fundamental structures of Natural Law (Cosmic life). The fundamental structures of Natural Law connect individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence - the basic structures of the human nervous system with their "cosmic counterparts".

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1. Surya or Sun
1. Thalamus
4. Budha or Mercury
4. Subthalamus
7.Shani or Saturn
7. Putamen
2. Chandra or Moon
2. Hypothalamus
5. Guru or Jupiter
5. Globus Pallidus
8. Rahu or Ascending Node
8. Nucleus Caudatus, head
3. Mangala or Mars
3. Amygdala
6. Shukra or Venus
6. Substancia Nigra
9. Ketu or Descending Node
9. Nucleus Caudatus, tail

This illustration shows one example from Dr. Tony Nader's book Human Physiology, Expression of Veda and Vedic Literature. It presents a coronal section of the brain with its internal structures, and their one to one relationship with the 9 "cosmic counterparts", the 9 Grahas or planets.


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