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Maharishi Jyotish experts foreseeing the future

 Personal experiences with Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

"The predictions were very accurate regarding both the time and the actual event that took place: change in profession and residence. I have benefited very much from the profound knowledge of Maharishi Jyotish."
L. B., USA

"I was very impressed by the accuracy and exactness of the Maharishi Jyotish Consultation. This information is very useful for me because it helps me to know the right moment to act, to know the ebb and flow of tides particularly in my business."
E. T., Businessman, Brazil

"As a leading businessman I trust more in Maharishi Jyorish Consultation Service than in any other"
K C. R.,Rea1 Estate Developer "Bangkok

'It was something unusual to invite all the guests to our wedding celebration at the most suitable day and hour, which the Jvotish expert had calculated for us. But the result was a very deep and harmonious feeling of togetherness. This was noticed by all the guests and it was very fulfilling for both of us. Since that moment it has been easier for us to harmonize imbalances between us and to find our path together"
C. & F. R. , Germany

"In the first week after the Yagya I had more business then in the past months and income is coming very easily. Two months after the Yagya I am doing financially very well."
J. S., Entrepreneur, Finland

"The first thing I noticed after the Yagya Performance was improved emotional stability. However, as the months have gone by, there has also been an almost miraculous reversal of events, from negative to positive."
S. K., Company Director, United Kingdom

"Since the Maharishi Yagya performances my daughter has more emotional strength and self confidence. This has led to better performances at school, particularly with her arithmetic, which has very much improved."
M. J. V. D. S., Housewife, The Netherlands

"Our family has been enjoying the effects of the Maharishi Yagya Program for several years now, with the recurring experience of enhanced support of nature in all areas of our lives. During the actual performance I have noticed a lightness and easiness pervading my activity as if some beneficent, anonymous friend is structuring both present and future fulfillment of my desires."
C. R., Businessman, California

"Six months after the Yagya performance my health is very much better and the likelihood of a further cardiac infarction has become remote. I feel more stable and confident."
B.W., Studienrat A. D., Germany

"It is many months after the Yagya performances and I continue to feel really great. My fears and phobias are disappearing - one after the other I am very satisfied."
J.L., Optometrist, Canada 

"I had asthma for 12 years and tried various treatments. After the performance of a Maharishi Yagya for me, I noticed immediate benefit, feeling about 60% better"
D. W., Assistant Manager, United Kingdom

"My spine had been aching because of distortion. Just as my Yagya started, I felt heat along with my spine. The heat had a kind of muddy feeling and was comfortable. It was as if hands were put over my spine. The pain lessened and each of the small bones of my crooked spine adjusted in better order"
K. M., Public Official, Matsudo, Japan

"Since the Yagya, there seems to be an upsurge of positively in my life. There is more success and a lot of wealth flowing in. Very satisfied."
R. B., Management Consultant, South Africa

"Since the Maharishi Yagya performances my relationship with the Unified Field has become much more intimate. As a result of this my confidence has greatly increased. I know my creative writing is going to be successful. I just sit there in stillness and silence and it all comes."
M. K., Writer, U.S. Virgin Islands

"I have always been shy of speaking in public and recently I felt the desire to overcome this issue which was holding me back from success in my career About two weeks after the Yagya, I was asked to give a series of lectures. My preparation went smoothly as did the lectures. I actually enjoyed myself' I feel eager to talk again in public because I have overcome my shyness and I have found a new strong talent that had been lying dormant within me. Thank you."
S.E.S., Health Consultant, Australia



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