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Maharishi Jyotish and
Maharishi Yayga Programmes

Services and Application Procedures

The Individual is Truly Cosmic

The Science and Technology of Maharishi Jyotish is for the benefit of everyone to secure a healthy and successful present and an ever progressive bright future.


Comprehensive Life Kundali

The foundation for all Maharishi Jyotish services is the Comprehensive Life Kundali, which is an in-depth study of all the possible influences in ones life. The Comprehensive Life Kundali is prepared by a panel of experts in the Maharishi Jyotish program and is a prerequisite for almost all other Maharishi Jyotish services.

Apply for Comprehensive Life Kundali

Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

A Maharishi Jyotish consultation has as its purpose to give predictions for the one to three years to come, and/or to answer questions of the person applying for the consultation. (See sample questions that would be appropriate for a Maharishi Jyotish consultation.)

Maharishi Yagya performances

Maharishi Yagya performances create life-supporting effects and help avoid any unwanted tendency before it manifests. They are meant to fulfill the goal of heyam dukham anagatam, or avert the danger before it arises. Every Maharishi Yagya performance helps eliminate or reduce negativity in life, while at the same time bringing additional support of Nature for maximum success and fulfillment.


Muhurta is the Maharishi Jyotish service that deals with the selection of favorable moments for undertaking a new activity. For example, a Muhurta may be requested for events such as marriage; scheduling surgery; the start of an important or long journey; the beginning of a new business partnership or venture; starting a new job; buying or selling property or a vehicle; constructing a building; occupying a new home or office building, etc. The place of the event must be known. Well begun is half done is a wise adage. If you are planning an important event, naturally you would like to start at a moment that is in tune with the Laws of Nature, supporting success for that event.

Compatibility Analysis

Compatibility Analysis considers the tendencies toward harmony or disharmony through a detailed analysis of the Comprehensive Life Kundali of each partner. It is performed for individuals considering marriage or for those planning to become partners in business, etc. For any relationship, it is important to be with people who give maximum support and inspiration.

Ascertaining Correct Birth Time

Correct birth time is of primary importance for all considerations in Maharishi Vedic Astrology.

A correct birth time is essential for accuracy of any analysis or prediction to be made from ones birth chart. Usually the most reliable source of birth time is a birth certificate or hospital record (rather than the memory of a family member).

If there is doubt regarding time of birth, we recommend having the Council of Pandits for the Maharishi Jyotish program ascertain ones correct birth time.


This special sound provided by the NamKaran service is one that will provide maximum harmony and Support of Nature, as it will be in tune with the tendencies and inner nature of the child.

National Maharishi Yagya Performances

National Maharishi Yagya performances will enliven total Natural Law for each nation and nourish all individuals in the country. By contributing to National Maharishi Yagya performances, one becomes the first beneficiary, an instrument through which Natural Law brings nourishment and protection to the country.

A new set of National Maharishi Yagya performances will begin each fortnightapproximately every two weeks. You may choose to contribute for any set of performances.


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